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Hot Pink Underwear

Someone I dearly loved died this week.

After I found out she had passed, I turned invisible. Creatures around me became their own planets, rotating in separate orbits. Someone turned down the earth’s volume knob and the little pilotman in charge of keeping our world spinning slowed everything down.

The squirrel outside my car window acted like he couldn’t see me. I guess maybe he didn’t. But I saw him, and that made it worse because he was doing something important. It was obvious. He was focused and alive. The brown hairs on his back shivered. His tiny dark nails scratched the asphalt as he crossed in front of me.

Inside my car planet, I turned up the music, but familiar song lyrics took on new meaning.

“As many times as I blink I’ll think of you…I swear I won’t forget you.”

Everything reminded me that she was gone.

I drove…

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I am a young forty year old man with a lot of experience.  I got this experience because I was entitled as a child and young adult……hell until 3 years ago.  Because of my good fortune,  I was given opportunities that other people would never get in their entire life.  I want to share these experiences and invite agressively those who disagree with my point of view or stance.  The health of this blog is to be built on friendship where we can agree and disagree,  or agree to disagree.  I invite witty,  educated,(with or without formal education) to be seriously involved in a show down.  Let’s Blog!

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